Trump Refuses to Yield

by baldilocks Whatever one thinks of President Trump, he doesn't seem dismayed or chagrined about the flipping of the House to the Democrats or about the dubious and ongoing efforts by Democrat Party in Florida, Georgia and Arizona to change the outcomes of political races lost by Democrat candidates. He keeps on doing what he … Continue reading Trump Refuses to Yield

Hey Girl Scouts, your brand sucks!

The Girl Scouts once again prove that their brand sucks. Their latest lawsuit is over a trademark infringement, saying that because the artist formerly known as Boy Scouts is accepting girls makes it confusing to people, who might think they are the Girl Scout organization. Never mind that you can settle this with a quick … Continue reading Hey Girl Scouts, your brand sucks!

Will the Democrats Make a Wall Deal?

Presuming a miracle doesn't occur before the end of this congress and the start of the next one if Donald Trump wants a wall he is going to have to get funding from Democrats. Since border security worked so well in the Senate for the left this is an issue that might cause a lot … Continue reading Will the Democrats Make a Wall Deal?