Hey Girl Scouts, your brand sucks!

The Girl Scouts once again prove that their brand sucks. Their latest lawsuit is over a trademark infringement, saying that because the artist formerly known as Boy Scouts is accepting girls makes it confusing to people, who might think they are the Girl Scout organization. Never mind that you can settle this with a quick Google search, or phone call, or by actually asking questions. Never mind that Girl Scouts was founded AFTER Boy Scouts. Never mind that the patches and trademarks don’t look anything like each other.

It’s ridiculous. The guidance from our local council is to not use certain terms now. Good job infringing on the First Amendment, Girl Scouts of the USA!

I’ve been a Den Leader in Cub Scouting for 3 years now. I watched the program accept girls. I’ve seen the before and after. I also have a son in the program. And in defense of my manhood, I can use a knife, have killed and butchered many animals in the field, and flown in combat missions before. I’m not some sort of dope-smoking hippie that happens to be a Cub Scout Den leader.

Girls in Cub Scouts has done nothing to hurt the program. I have a young girl in my den, and she fits in just fine with the other boys. I haven’t changed anything in my program. All of my Scouts were using knives at our last den meeting. We went camping a few weeks back, and I taught my Scouts how to use flint and steel. Nothing was dumbed down, sanitized or simplified because girls were present.

As a side note, if you’re going to challenge me on this in the comments, at least tell me you’re a current Scouting leader or that you tried it and quit, because if not, take your armchair quarterback opinion elsewhere.

Girls leave Girl Scouts of the USA for three big reasons:

1. The program is lame. Like, it’s laaaaaammmmeeee kinda lame. My Scouts start fires, carve with knives and build things. Most Girl Scout programs are obsessed with selling cookies and doing indoor activities. Any girl that wants to do something outside gets the weird look from the leader, the “You want to be outside where it’s icky?” sort of look. Live through that enough, and you have plenty of people wanting to jump ship.

2. The program is a hot bed for liberal activism. WAGGGS has a love affair with Planned Parenthood, and while you might like some tenants of the program, it’s increasingly harder to ignore the influence. Plenty of parents don’t want liberal ideas of abortion, contraception and teenage sex pushed on their daughters.

3. Single parents struggle to do things outside of school. Sad but true. The divorced families in my Cub Scout Pack struggle to balance time with their kid and time (and money) at structured things like Cub Scouts. I regularly navigate the complexity of which parent one of my Scouts is with on a weekend. These kids just don’t have the time to participate like other kids do.

I used to be ambivalent about Girl Scouts, but actions like this make me angrier every day, and they should make you angry too.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, or any other organization with “Scouts” or “Scouting” in the title. I’d love to be more descriptive, but recent lawsuits by loser organizations make it hard to actually use the correct names.

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