Will the Democrats Make a Wall Deal?

Presuming a miracle doesn’t occur before the end of this congress and the start of the next one if Donald Trump wants a wall he is going to have to get funding from Democrats.

Since border security worked so well in the Senate for the left this is an issue that might cause a lot of agita for the new members of the Democrat House majority.

What happens if the president comes out and asks Democrats publicly:  What’s the price for wall funding?

Now for the left the obvious answer might be:  Not gonna happen, however Pelosi knows that Trump could use his powers as commander in chief and use military funds to do this without Democrats and he is just the type of person to do so.  Furthermore she knows that the wall is an issue that completely energizes the GOP base and can cause plenty of headaches for the left outside of their safe liberal enclaves.

So Nancy might decide that it’s in her interest to get something near and dear to the left for wall funding, perhaps a boost in funds to murder babies in the womb or funding for Obamacare or any of a half a dozen other Democrat priorities.

Now of course these priorities need to get through a republican senate and President Trump will likely use this as leverage to keep the price down but in the end something will be better than nothing and the wall is one of the few Trump promises he has not been able to deliver.

So it will come down to Pelosi to decide if they would rather have Trump running in 2020 on keeping his promise of a wall or running against Pelosi and company for not funding it.  She is also going to have to deal with the reality of a bunch of Democrats running for president explicitly against giving Donald Trump anything

I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I’ve got to tell you it’s certainly not going to be a boring two years