Free Speech is Free Speech Even for Milano and Murphy

“For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”

Pilate said to him, “What is truth?”

John 18:37b-38a

Twitchy has had a lot of fun with Alyssa Milano over the years and yesterday they made fun of this effort of hers:

She’s taking a lot of grief from people who think she should be instead raising money for the victims of the California wildfires in her own backyard.

But right now there are people raising money for the ASPCA and for Catholic Charities, and for the Red Cross and for Christmas Presents for convicts kids and a million other causes some that I think are very worthy and some that I think are abominable and even evil (such as planned parenthood) and I’ll wager that each one of those causes and many that I haven’t mentioned have had people solicit for them on twitter.

Now I don’t care much for Ms. Milano’s opinions but I see no point in hitting her for this. It’s a cause she believes, and is contributing to herself and she’s inviting others to do so. Would that all celebs raised money for their causes this way rather than electing people to tax us for them.

I don’t have a problem with Milano’s solicitation, it’s free speech, and while the responses to them are also free speech. Speech answered with speech it’s all good.

The response to Meghan Murphy’s free speech, that’s bad

Now I think Megan Murphy as a Socialist and Radical Feminist is an advocate for things that are horrible, that have cost people lives that have ruined society and in one sense her banishment from Twitter is almost poetic justice as Robespierre going to the guillotine and brings a slight smile to my face as the revolution eats it own.

And then I remember my principles and that the silencing of her, for things that I have said in different words on twitter, is against all I believe in.

If your argument is worth a damn it will stand up to opposition, those who would silence her are apparently unable to defend their believes and thus decide to silence them.

Now in one sense Ms. Murphy has no business complaining as this is what socialist and feminists have been attempting to do to those who disagree with them for years.

Stacy McCain however who is no friend of socialism or feminism has come to her defense:

Jonathan Yaniv is a notorious Canadian pervert who has filed 16 human rights complaints against women for refusing to wax his genitals. Yaniv claims to be transgender, using the name “Jessica.”

A week after the feminist blog Gender Trender exposed Yaniv’s history of describing pedophilic and voyeuristic behavior online, WordPress deleted the entire Gender Trender blog and announced a new policy that “deadnaming” (identifying someone by their birth name) is a terms-of-service violation. When people on Twitter began commenting about this egregious situation, Yaniv and/or other transgender activists got those accounts suspended and, apparently, Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy’s Twitter account has been permanently suspended and Twitter announced its own anti-“deadnaming” policy.

Stacy is not one to mince words, he closes thus

The hashtag #IStandWithMeghanMurphy is being used on Twitter to raise awareness of the totalitarian transgender tendency.

What we need is an Army of Davids, so to speak, to put the “Streisand Effect” into action here. If everyone who stands for free speech were to tweet this simple message — “Jonathan Yaniv Is Not a Woman #IStandWithMeghanMurphy” — how many thousands of messages might be generated? Could the Thought Police at Twitter ban everyone?

There is a lot more that I can say on the subject but I’ll simply close with the same analogy that I’ve been stating for years:

If a person declares that they are Napoleon Bonaparte, and chooses to live as if they are the late 19th century French general and emperor and even spends a fortune to surgically alter themselves to resemble him, that’s their business.  If asked I’ll comment on how stupid it is but if that how such a person insists on living such a life it’s on them and not my concerning.

HOWEVER the moment such a person decides that every other person has to acknowledge them as Napoleon Bonaparte as uses the power of law and social convention to punish those who refuse to shout Vive L’Empereur when they walk by then it not only becomes my business but my duty to oppose them publicly on the basic of free speech, free thought the rights of man and most of all truth.

If twitter or wordpress or anyone else wants to ban me fine.  I lived 45 years without a wordpress blog and I lived nearly fifty years without twitter, I’m sure I’ll manage.