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10 Years ago when the internet and the blogisphere was much younger I launched this blog to keep me busy as I searched for the replacement for the best job I ever had. When I did I had no idea where that would lead, here are some thoughts on the subject combined with some observations on the news that are relevant to that anniversary.

The greatest difference between then and now was illustrated by the news two days ago of GM getting ready to lay off 15,000 workers. Unlike Obama who was very generous with a government bailout which financed losers like the Chevy Volt noted that Trump is willing to play Hardball

which had the following effect

and that effect tends to hit the executives holding stock a lot more than the workers threatened with job loss.

Perhaps if Trump was in place in 2008 my life would have been very different.

Another big difference, let’s say that GM goes though with those closings without retooling the plants for more popular models and those 15k jobs along with say 30k more are lost in the supply chain. Those 45 thousand people who will be on unemployment and looking for work would be doing so in one of the strongest economies in my lifetime.

In contrast when I lost my job, it was during the Obama years. At the time I had no debts other than a mortgage and retirement money put away. All that retirement money is gone, I’m carrying nearly seven grand in debt these days and only the blog income allowed me to contribute to the house and It was seven years before I had any other employment (other than the blog itself). And it was not until this year one year after Trump was in office that that I managed to get employment with benefits again though still at only 55% of what I was making during the Bush years.

Would that Donald Trump was elected eight years earlier.

One of my earliest posts here was the argument that all of the self righteous people pushing gay marriage had been silent on the subject for decades and suddenly had jumped to it when it became the fad, it’s become the same with transgenderm but to a much worse point.

I see the advocates of Transgenderism in the same way as I see the advocates of gay marriage and the advocates of Jim crow and the advocates of the old miscegenation laws against interracial marriage. They are all narcissists who wish to redefine natural law to advance their cultural prejudices and punish those who do not confirm and justify themselves. The bigot who declares that black men and women are not really men and women and thus can’t marry a white person nor are entitled to the same rights as whites and do so to justify their own position is no different in my mind to the bigot who insists that the idea marriage is a union between a man and a woman is a cultural imposition whose believers need to be punished by law, rather than simple biology or that to declare that the statement men have a penis and women a vagina is bigotry beyond the pale is the same bigotry with a different spin. Namely folks who deny reality for the sake of their own egos.-

There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt and nothing has increased by contempt for the MSM then observing them closely for 10 years except for one thing, that is being in the room with them as credentialed press and simply watching and listening to what they say and do. Those who decry the words “fake news” live in a bubble, I’ve entered their bubble world and like an immigrant who sees the grandeur of American freedom have seen first hand what is obvious to anyone outside of the bubble. I think Glenn Reynolds put it best when interviewed by the BBC after to 2016 election when he said 90% of journalists give the other 10% a bad name. The interviewer passed over the remark either assuming that he simply misspoke reversing the ratio and not wanting to waste time to correct it or realizing that he meant what he said and didn’t want him to risk elaborating on the point. Let me make a point of mentioning Byron York and Carl Cameron as grand exceptions who it has been a pleasure to meet and speak with. They represent the best of their institution.

It’s pretty sad that the ten years of the blog have produced both the worst president of my lifetime (Obama) and the worst Pope of my lifetime (Francis) although in fairness to Obama given his qualification he had no business being elected and in fairness to Francis with the still living Benedict the XVI and the Venerable Pope John Paul I every other pope in my lifetime has been a saint which is actually pretty unusual. The failures of president Obama, given his lack of experience and qualifications was not much of a surprise. Francis however has no such excuse.

I never thought I’d see in my lifetime an objectively anti-american President of the United States and a Pope who when you crack the old joke “Is the Pope Catholic?” makes you actually wonder about the answer. These are the days when one works hard and trusts in God to get through things.

One huge contrast from 10 years ago is travel. I did almost no traveling before the blog, since them I’ve been all over the country, met all kinds of people and interviewed a ton of them. I’ve seen the country that I have in a way manicure to what Shelby Foote described of the soldiers coming home from the civil war although with much less risk.

It’s a really good country and we’re lucky to have it.

I also discovered that the blogging community consists of some of the finest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Many have become friends and those friendships have been a fine compensation for the financial woes of the decade. When I see folks like Evan Sayet, Nice Deb, Ed Morrissey Yid with Lid and too many others to list here it brings a smile to my face and one of the greatest joys of last year at CPAC was introducing my sons to many of these fine folks.

The Axis of Fedora

No list of friends would be complete without Pam Geller and Robert Spencer (my brother says hello and opened that champagne this thanksgiving celebrating his 1st grandson btw) two of the bravest people I’ve ever met and of course Robert Stacy McCain, Smitty, the Lonely Conservative and Barbara Espinsoa who have all on occasion taken me into their homes while covering stories.

The very act of typing your names makes me smile.

As some of you might know I was on secular radio for a while with DaTechGuy on DaRadio and DaTechGuy Podcast, neither one caught on enough to make a living out of it but there was a lot of good opinion there and fine interviews that came of it. Today I’m still on the radio doing catholic radio for WQPH 89.3 FM with my show Your Prayer intentions every Saturday at noon EST A second interview show “Words on the Word” which will be part of a rotation at 11 AM on Saturday’s launched last week.

I’ve been a lot more involved in my faith since the blog particularly over the last five years. My both in terms of what it’s based on and how I approach it has improved over these years. The primary credit goes to God who took a much more active role in my life but I give credit also to my leaving my old parish of St. Anthony’s and going to St. Bernards parish at St. Camillus where I had been going to daily mass since 2015 as it was one I could catch after my then overnight shift. Between these and the work I’ve done for WQPH I’ve seen the faith in action beyond the walls of the parish I spent a lifetime in. While it might surprise some what I’ve seen has affirmed my faith in the doctrines of the church as true but it’s also taught me that in the end while I and others can be used as the tools to open doors for others in the end no amount of argument, fact or reason will reach a mind closed to this truth. Only God can do that and only if such a person is willing to walk though that opening the God provides.

That’s really the bottom line that all Catholic apologists need to remember, no matter how good the works we do either by deed or word in the end Jesus Christ is God and we’re not.

That realization is, in many ways, the most necessary step to salvation.

As for the future of the site? My work is taking up much more of my time as I start to advance. I’ll still be posting daily and hopefully the magnificent seven will keep on writing but in the end I’ve given up on being bigger than I am. I don’t see a revival of DaTechGuy on DaRadio I’ve done that, or DaTechGuy on Fox News again or another piece in the NY Post or anything beyond that. It’s not going to become my job and while I’ll still be recognized here and there I’m not going to become a household name.

I’m going to remain what I am, a blogger, doing some original reporting, short interviews, some features like my Interviews with immigrants which I think is some of my best work. Maybe I’ll do an occasional event, perhaps time will permit a 2nd book and maybe finances will allow CPAC once in a while. My final ambition would be to snag a ten minute interview with President Trump on his rise and time in office but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

In the end I’ll and my writers on behalf of me will continue to serve you, the readers who have been with us for these years in the way that we have in the past. I’m very grateful for your readership and patronage over the years. We’ll do our best to continue to produce content worth your time and financial support to pay for it.

It’s a small thing when you look at this great big world and the span of history within it, but it’s enough.

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