President Bush Sr. Once Ordinary Now Extraordinary

As I said a few days ago, one of the side effects of a decade of watching the media closely is to understand the whats and the whys of what the ends/means driven media does.  They have two uses for conservatives and or republicans.  The first is to encourage them to criticize other republicans and conservatives while alive.  Then second is explained by Stacy McCain below :

Former President George Herbert Walker Bush will be universally praised in the wake of his death because it is always the policy of liberals to celebrate the dead Republicans they formerly defamed, as a means to impugn the living Republicans they currently defame. Those of us old enough to remember how liberals hated Bush when he was president (and before that, as vice-president under Ronald Reagan) will not be deceived by their panegyrics to his “civility” and “bipartisanship.”

George Bush was the last president to have served in World War 2 and his death puts an exclamation point on the dying off of the American culture of my father and mother, a culture that had been born in the colonial era and had culminated in a generation that managed to save the entire world from Nazism, Fascism while young and win the Cold War.

The unfortunate side effect was that the wealth and strength of the nation that their efforts produced a generation so comfortable that they rejected or eschewed the culture and religion that made that comfort possible and has led to our current state of affairs. 

It’s fair to say that Mr. Bush term as a president was mixed, but without a question it is also fair to say that his efforts as a father was not, his children and grandchildren despite wealth and comfort produced by his success did not succumb to the temptation to reject the culture and lessons of their father.  Their public lives have been given to public service and to the best of my knowledge their private lives have been fine and honorable.

While for historians and writers the first might have more meaning it is the 2nd, his success as a father and role model to his posterity that is the most significant and praiseworthy and I suspect was the legacy that he was most proud of.  It would be a fine thing if during the next five days the media stressed this fact.

Alas I suspect said media will only do so if they find it to their advantage in their war on republicans and conservatives in general and Donald Trump in particular, a war where there is never a truce and the dead are pressed into service to serve their cause.

That’s quite a contrast to the war that the very comfortable and very rich Mr. Bush willingly choose to fight: Stacy Again”

Did I mention that Lt. Bush’s grandfather was a wealthy industrialist, that his father was a senator, and that he was a senior at prestigious Phillips Andover Academy when he decided to enlist? In other words, the sons of America’s privileged elite once felt a patriotic duty to their country that today’s decadent elite don’t seem to feel, and if nothing else, Bush deserves to be well remembered for his heroic service.

Mr. Bush’s generation realized that the America in which seemingly all thing were possible was only made possible by a moral and responsible people who had made great efforts toward the goal of a good life and safety for themselves and their children rather than self gratification in all things.

One might debate if the country if the country as a whole would be better if more pols emulated the various policies Mr. Bush advanced while in public service and political office, but in my mind there is absolutely no debate that the country would be far better off if more people emulated his example as a husband, a father and as a role model which at one time was amazingly common among a America that at the time of his youth it would scarcely have been noticed.

The country will remember President Bush in a solemn fashion for the next few days and that’s extremely proper.

For myself I’d say the reminder that Mr. Bush’s way of life, once so ordinary in his youth is now at the time of his death, extraordinary to America is the real reason for this country to mourn.