But Will They Listen?

by baldilocks Public Tells House Dems — Don't Waste Time Investigating Trump: IBD/TIPP Poll The public wants the new Congress to focus on three areas when it convenes next year: health care costs, immigration, and jobs. Few, however, want the Democratically controlled House to make investigating the Trump White House a priority. That's the finding … Continue reading But Will They Listen?

My Colleague: Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill, the ousted gabber for CNN, is a poster child for what’s wrong with academia and journalism. Last year Hill contacted Temple University about teaching there, and the university bigwigs jumped at the chance to employ him. The school gave him a tenured job, coupled with an endowed chair in the Department of … Continue reading My Colleague: Marc Lamont Hill

Christianity is Loving People Where They are

The results of such fanciful hatred are often most disappointing, and of all humans the English are in this respect the most deplorable milksops. They are creatures of that miserable sort who loudly proclaim that torture is too good for their enemies and then give tea and cigarettes to the first wounded German pilot who … Continue reading Christianity is Loving People Where They are