Farewell to a President

I had to wait until this evening to watch the video coverage of the state funeral for the late President George H.W. Bush. It was worth the wait. If you haven’t heard the eulogy delivered by George W., do yourself a favor and take twelve minutes to watch it.

So often, President Trump’s tweets leave me cold. Not this one. Right words, right tone.


I left the line for president blank on my 1992 ballot, annoyed that President Bush’s no-new-taxes commitment hadn’t held up.  I have had many years, including two terms of Bill Clinton, to rue my decision. Losing the presidency didn’t spoil George H.W. Bush’s life, though. My petty move did him no harm. Being a decent man of wide interests and love of country, losing the presidency simply freed him to do other, better things. To name just one: I doubt if there’s any way to measure the impact of the humanitarian and disaster relief work he did after he left office.

Rest in peace, sir.

Ellen Kolb is a New Hampshire writer focusing on the life issues. She blogs at EllenKolb.com and Leaven for the Loaf. 

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