Today’s Would be Tweets Under the Fedora

How far have we fallen as a nation when this is the actual headline of a story on the George H W Bush funeral?”  Bush family seeks to steer clear of anti-Trump sentiment at 41st president’s funeral”  Seeks?  I’d prefer a statement that such behavior will not be tolerated but then again in the days when Bush the elder was president the idea that such a statement might be necessary would have been ludicrous.

Of course in the days of Bush the elder the idea that a guy like Michael Avaniti seeking the presidency being nonsense would have been taken as read too. I wonder what CNN will do with all those months of interviews now.

I’m not surprised at the news that yet another supposed hate crime at a University that got everyone’s knickers in an uproar was a hoax  I’ve never forgot that one such hoax cost Lunenburg High its annual thanksgiving game vs  St. Bernard’s and wonder how many people never heard it was all BS.

Due to the vagaries of the calendar Hanukkah came rather early this year.  But the highlight of the season was a tweet out there noting that every time you say “Happy Hanukkah” you are acknowledging the Jewish presence and claim to Jerusalem.  I find that quite amusing as the rise in Hanukkah celebration in the US was more about giving the left an alternative to Christmas.

Finally this year, like every year in Fitchburg there are a bunch of signs in multiple languages celebrating the season.  I find it interesting that the signs in English include “Happy Kwanzaa” ,  “Happy Hanukkah” but not a word about Christmas while the signs in Spanish, Italian and other languages all specifically say “Merry Christmas”.  Apparently Merry Christmas is allowed to be displayed as long as white liberals in Massachusetts can’t understand that it’s being said.