Under the Fedora Thoughts not on Twitter for 12/6/18

Every time I see a blog comment generated via facebook which starts I am making a real GOOD MONEY… I get a slightly smug feeling of satisfaction knowing that.

I’m not on facebook

I still approve comments by hand 

Yeah it shortens the conversation and likely costs me hits as you don’t get the instant back and forth but at least the site isn’t crowded by that kind of nonsense.


As I’m busy patting myself on the back I’d like to trumpet the theme I’ve finally settled on, I’ve got a minor tweak or two to make to the columns but it looks like a a real winner and I really like the top photo from an early CPAC back at the hotel in DC proper with Smithy, Stacy and me in the front and Nice Deb in the background on the right.

That was a great day with people I really like and That photo makes me smile every time I see it

I’m not patting on the back the people in Nevada who suddenly find themselves with a governor who is pushing gun control:

There’s nothing Sisolak’s proposing that would have a positive impact on anything except the feelings of left-leaning anti-gunner. That’s it.

But then again, it’s what Democrats do.

If you give your votes to a party that wants to take away your rights, but for a few months every four years pretends otherwise you have no business complaining when they do.

One might argue that the whole “ballot harvesting” business in California is not “stealing an election” as the law permits it but if you want to put it in proper perspective, it’s as if the Daley machine passed a law allowing relatives to submit ballots on the behalf of relatives long dead on the grounds that they knew how they would have voted if they were still alive.

When you pass a law that enables and encourages fraud it’s not for the sake of fair elections, it’s for the sake of a desired result.

I feel bad for Tony Dokoupil.  Imagine being wed less that a year to a beautiful successful woman and then hearing said woman publicly proclaim how pointless her life is due to climate change.

What kind of person in general thinks or talks like that, particularly in public.

Though I’m rather distressed that neither of my sons have found a young lady yet it’s moments like this that remind me that finding “A” woman is worse than finding the wrong woman who will raise your grandchildren. As it says in the book of Sirach:

Desire not a brood of worthless children, nor rejoice in wicked offspring. Many though they be, exult not in them if they have not the fear of the LORD. Count not on their length of life, have no hope in their future. For one can be better than a thousand; rather die childless than have godless children!

Sirach 16:1-3

FYI I’m on day 13 of at least a 14 straight day stretch at work, I hope to get a little more blogging in when I get a tad more rest but I have a new washing machine to pay for.