Freedom From Religion (UPDATED)

On which the Bill of Rights is based by baldilocks My cousin Dyllan and I are very much alike and get along very well. This is interesting, since we are related by marriage (he is the grandson of my American dad’s sister), I’m more than old enough to be his mother, and we had virtually … Continue reading Freedom From Religion (UPDATED)

8 Days of Mannheim Steamroller for Christmas: Day 2 Joy to the World

Day two of my Christmas Octave of Mannheim Steamroller in Boston continues today with Joy to the World. I like this video because you can see the performers in it and in addition to the music itself if you go to the show and watch the performers, you'll see some real professional work, particularly among … Continue reading 8 Days of Mannheim Steamroller for Christmas: Day 2 Joy to the World

I’m Not The Victim–Again!

The message from a Temple University police detective wasn’t subtle. If I carried a weapon on campus, I would be fired. When I got the telephone call, I thought perhaps the police were following up on my harassment by a group of teenagers on campus—an incident I wrote about a few weeks ago. See … Continue reading I’m Not The Victim–Again!

Non Tweets Under my Fedora 12-11-18

Stacy McCain notes a Miss Kentucky that became obsessed with a 15 year old: What was she thinking? And who was this boy on whom Mrs. Bearse was apparently fixated? Amazing how one who can have almost anyone seems to want what is not allowed. At legal Insurrection they note some of the odd side … Continue reading Non Tweets Under my Fedora 12-11-18