8 Days of Mannheim Steamroller for Christmas: Day 7 God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

Our Penultimate entry in our Mannheim Steamroller Octave for Christmas is one of my favorite Carols God Rest You Merry Gentlemen.

I’m not a big concert guy as a rule but when I attend as I’ve said before I like to watch the individual performances, which can be difficult while filming with a hand-held camera as you have to train yourself to keep the hand steady as your eyes are going elsewhere. Additionally the videos in the background tends to keep eyes off the individuals playing. Yet if you really want to appreciate the “blogfather” of Christmas groups keep an eye on these folks as they plan and transition.

The videos doesn’t do them justice so catch the tour if you can, their tour map is here. and there is still plenty of time to see them if you have the means and they are close enough.