Non-Tweets under the Fedora for 12-16-18 Holy Spirit, Twitter, Government, Cleveland Browns and Demands

Pro-tip for experienced Christians, when you declare you are going to leave something for the Holy Spirit to decide said spirit is going to take you seriously and make that decision based on his desires not yours.  Which is why I didn’t get to sleep in on my only day off this week

For years I’ve been tweeting out:  A reminder, twitter isn’t real life,  at This Week they’ve finally discovered this but only as a function of trying to neutralize Trump.  The irony of course is that President’s use of twitter to bypass the press is one of the few real things on twitter.

Have you noticed that for years thinks like running numbers and dealing pot were universally condemned by government until they either started running their own gambling (lotteries) or their cronies were giving the rights to sell it (pot)?

If anyone told you before the start of the season that going into Sunday of week 15 of the NFL season not only would it be impossible to eliminate the Cleveland Browns  from playoff contention but it would take a Pittsburgh Steelers win vs NE to eliminate them from winning the division you’d have been called crazy.

Every week we hear about some professor or some SJW or some batch of students making one insane demand or another that people, for reasons I haven’t quite figured out, treat seriously.  The proper way to treat such demands can be summed up in two steps

  1.  Point at them.
  2.  Laugh

If I ever have a group try to disrupt a speech of mine, I’d call for popcorn and a chair and point at them and laugh and encourage the entire audience to do the same.