Non Tweets Under the Fedora Kaepernick Again, the FBI , Nuns, Jerusalem and Cuba

All week we’ve been hearing about how horrible it is that the Redskins haven’t signed Colin Kaepernick even though he’s ready and willing to play for them, now we have the Washington Post proclaiming that if he signs with the Redskins he’s a sellout because of the protests against their name. SJW’s gotta SJW.

I’m old enough to remember when civil rights groups and the ACLU and Democrats weren’t big on entrapping people, then again I’m also old enough to remember when the FBI was a respected agency of the Federal government and not a branch of a particular political party.

The American Spectator tells the story of two liberal habit rejecting nuns from a liberal Alansky order who took up gambling with the Catholic School’s funds that they were Principal and Vice Principal but frankly all I could think of when I heard the story was that it was the backplot of the hilarious Eric Idle and Robbie Coltrane movie Nuns on the Run which oddly and unfortunately isn’t available on Netflix or Amazon Prime video

Australia has announced that they will be recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, although they won’t be moving their embassy till the end of a general peace (which likely means never). Oddly enough the middle east isn’t blowing up over it. Trump has changed the equation forever and both the arabs and jews are better for it.

Finally Fidel might be dead but alas for Cuba the legacy of communism continues to be costly

It doesn’t matter if every single Castro becomes dust, until socialism and communism in Cuba joins them in the grave the island and people will continue to suffer.