Family Conversation

by baldilocks Here's the response from my cousin, Dyllan J. Griffin, to my post, Freedom from Religion. Like he says, we don't disagree on much.  I happen to follow an organization called The Freedom From Religion Foundation that champions the right of non-religious citizens. I thoroughly support their practice of fighting to remove religious iconography … Continue reading Family Conversation

WQPH Prayer Caravan Event Interviews

Our lady of the Americas On Saturday WQPH hosted an event as part of their prayer caravan honoring Our Lady of the Americas. The Day began with a Saturday Morning mass at St. Bernards parish at St. Cammilus Church and continued to Slattery's Restaurant for a meal and a talk featuring Yves Jacques of Michael … Continue reading WQPH Prayer Caravan Event Interviews

The Trouble with Tenure

The case of Marc Lamont Hill, the social justice warrior at Temple University, is a classic example of what’s wrong with tenure, which guarantees a lifetime job in academia. Hill engaged in hate speech in a presentation to the United Nations. He got fired at CNN, where he worked as a political gabber. At Temple, … Continue reading The Trouble with Tenure