WQPH Prayer Caravan Event Interviews

Our lady of the Americas
On Saturday WQPH hosted an event as part of their prayer caravan honoring Our Lady of the Americas. The Day began with a Saturday Morning mass at St. Bernards parish at St. Cammilus Church and continued to Slattery’s Restaurant for a meal and a talk featuring Yves Jacques of Michael Journal on Our Lady of the Americas. I interviewed him at the end of the event on this event. The Image at the top of the page is the missionary Image of Our Lady which travels around the nation and is hosted at various houses. I spoke to the Doyle family which is currently hosting the image and provided it for the event. Music was provided throughout the event by Musicians for Life At the end of the event I spoke to Frank Gallager one of the musicians. He is active in prison ministry and spoke about the newly approved project to build a new Chapel on the grounds of the Worcester County House of Correction to be used by all faiths.

Prison ministry isn’t very popular with some but one should remember that visiting those in prison is a corporal work of mercy and  “in prison and you visited me” is on the list made by Christ himself of the things that if done for the least your brothers is done for him.

OIf you want more information on Our Lady of the Americas you can find it here.