Non Tweets Under the Fedora 12-21-18: History, Tutu, War on Men, Syria and the Economy

During my lunch breaks I’ve been reading the 2nd volume in Albert Bushnell Hart’s American History Told by Contemplates and it’s amazing to see the contrast between what I am reading there and what I see in the news and on the net.  The most amazing thing is it only took two generations for this to happen.

Speaking of things that changes in a generation or two at PJ Media Bruce Bawler notices a missing voice in the debate about seizing white owned farms in South Africa

On December 9, he attended a dinner commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which he headed up, and which, in the immediate wake of apartheid, brought to light longstanding human-rights abuses, gave perpetrators an opportunity to express remorse, and provided victims with reparation and rehabilitation. The very day after the commemorative dinner came the news that a ministry based in Jacksonville, Florida, had teamed up with Tutu “in an effort to fight world hunger.”

So he’s been a busy fellow. But what has he said or done about the war on white farmers? I’ve googled away, and scoured Lexis, and found nothing. Not a word. 

Well given the example of Zimbabwe the Bishops silence on the targeting of White Farmers he’ll have plenty of hunger to fight in South Africa soon.  

Wasn’t it also two generations ago when the the left decided that the nuclear family was a bad idea and getting it on with anyone whenever it feels right was not only better but would free women and men.  Stacy McCain reports on how that’s going.

“I am wearing a body cam from now on. I also am taking a vow of silence. Any time a woman is near, I am not saying a word. Thanks, feminism.”
Is this . . . extreme? Well, it’s sarcastic hyperbole, I’m sure, but it expresses an entirely rational male reaction to feminism, a movement that is predicated on, and which seeks to encourage all women to embrace, a limitless hostility toward men. (Yes, all men.)

I keep meeting women who are alone and men who live with women without marring them.  The old “patriarchy” tended to civilize men and protect women, it only took two generations for both to be tossed away.

Of course while some things take generations to take place some things happen much quicker, take Syria for example. Since the 80 the Democrats took the side of Russia in almost everything and since the 60’s they’ve been against troops going overseas, but it only took the election of Donald Trump for the to decide that the removal of US troops from the country is the worst thing to happen since forever.

The only two consistent on it are Lindsey Graham who is an interventionist and Trump who by nature is not. For myself I think we’re better off staying than leaving as it’s a lot harder to go back if you need to then it is to leave and once we go there’s always the chance of ISIS reforming.

Finally it’s Christmas and I’ve grabbed every single overtime hour i’ve been able to get my hands on. Not only because as I’ve said it’s been a lean year both in traffic and subscribers but because I know that we’re under three weeks from a Democrat Congress and while It’s taken two years for Donald Trump to build up an economy , to paraphrase Sam Rayburn any old Jackass can knock it down and we’ve got a flock of them on the way.

Of course if the Democrats were still the party of Rayburn, I wouldn’t be so worried but then again if the Democrats were still the party of Rayburn I might still be one.