Non Tweets Under the Fedora 12-22-22. The Wall, Celtics, Josh Gordon, Herr Relotius and the Silence of Feminists

If there is one thing that the whole business about the Wall funding and the Shutdown this week has proved is that you never know how things will turn in when Donald Trump is involved until they actually happen.

On the various sports radio networks the Boston Celtics loss to the lowly Phoenix Suns after a long winning streak as a great shock. I would remind these fans that as bad as the Phoenix Suns have been, they are still an NBA team stocked with players who are among the best in the world. After all even the 1962 New York Mets won 40 games.

The second big story has been Josh Gordon who with two games left to the season and the playoffs around the corner suddenly becoming ahem “unavailable”. Given his previous problems it was no surprise as talk radio has loudly proclaimed, but it’s worth asking what the Patriots record might be if Gordon had not been on the field over the last two months?

Hearing the story of Claas Relotius and his fabricated story about Trump supporters in Minnesota and it appears this was par for the course for this world renowned journalist.

Der Spiegel says it is now investigating his past work in detail. At least 14 of the 70 in-depth articles he wrote for the magazine contain falsehoods but it’s entirely possible many of the others do as well. 

What I wonder is how many other reporters can we say this about and how long did this go on before we had the internet to ferret it out? Actually I don’t wonder at all.

Finally if you want to hear about a war on woman Robert Stacy McCain notes several combatants in said war that oddly enough are of little interest to college feminists who loudly proclaim it.

I submit and suggest we will not have actual equality until the actions of these men produce more outrage among said feminists as a man spreading his legs on a subway car.