Merry Christmas in the Year of Our Lord 2018 or 2018 of his Cowardly Enemies

Today is Christmas 2018 AD and despite the best efforts of the left and academia it is still a national holiday in America and still celebrated around the world with feast and song.

Yet those in academics are doing their best by using the letters “ce” as in “common era” to replace AD which is Latin for “The Year of our Lord” in the calendar and BCE “before common era” with BC “Before Christ”

Alas for those determined to run away from reality the day they they introduce this system to students who are too young and ignorant to know AD they have to deal with the inevitable question:

“What marks the separation point between “common era” and “before common era”?

And that’s when they have to acknowledge the thing that separates the “common era” when men just lived and died and because dust without hope and the time when the possibility of eternal life as opposed to eternal death. The era which began the equality of all men before God and thus established the value of the entire human race and made every human right that any person enjoys possible.

No matter how much they want to dodge the truth the answer to the question of what is the dividing point in human history remains the same:

The birth of Jesus Christ

Because it’s from that date, that the era of human existence becomes anything but common and it’s why his enemies, enemies that he died for and still loves, tremble so much in anger that they try to hide it behind the letters “CE”.

What a bunch of cowards