Sixth Day of Christmas Incentives Under the Fedora Facebook, Baltimore, Pelosi, Waters, NFL Protests and Resistance “Heroes”

One might think that when Mark Trapscott used “shocking” to describe the NYT piece on the arbitrary nature on Facebook’s censors he did because the real shock was the Times hitting a system primarily used to censor conservatives, but the reality is every such tyrannical system eventually eat their own and with twenty potential Democrats running in 2020 Facebook is bound to use its power to silence someone Times writers want to advance. Rest assured once the Democrat nominee is picked such censorship will be considered by the times as the best barrier against Pro-Trump “disinformation”.

Still it provides me an incentive to never join.

Liberal incentives are always costly but no place more so than in Baltimore where the perverse incentives of the Freddie Gray are still costing folks their lives (only 27% of Baltimore homicides result in an arrest) and all of this is quite an incentive for people to get out if they can:

According to U.S. Census estimates, Baltimore led all American cities in population loss for the last two years running. Census figures indicate the city saw more people leave its boundaries than Chicago, which also reported significant losses, even though Baltimore is only a quarter of its size.

Of course when you keep electing liberals there is no incentive for them to change this situation, particularly when it doesn’t affect them.

I’d like to ask those surprised at finding Nancy Pelosi at an expensive resort and Maxine Waters in the Bahamas while President Trump stays in Washington during the shutdown why they would expect anything different? With a media solidly behind their “Get Trump” agenda and unwilling to ascribe any blame to Democrats who had no problem with pallets of cash going to Iran under Obama declaring not one cents for a wall, why wouldn’t they party as in the good old days without fear?

I had to laugh at this story out of Miami where Miami Dolphins defensive end Robert Quinn is outraged not that his team has been eliminated from but that his weekly protests and those of two other Dolphins have been completely ignored this season.  

Ironically there was no incentive for the NFL or the networks who didn’t want to hemorrhage more fans or the Media who in an election year didn’t want to energize republicans to promote these protests so now we have the spectacle of players whining about being allowed to protest and play without a fuss which supposedly they wanted all along.

I wonder how long the protests will go on now that there is no self promoting incentive to go on?

Finally I close with this story of an ass of a clerk at a vape store change who went off on a customer in a Trump shirt. The video went viral and the idiot was fired but the backlash from that incident caused XHale City which has a chain of 17 stores in Georgia to shut down its instagram page, facebook page and their twitter feed at the height of a post Christmas sale, only their base web page a youtube page and a likely forgotten backup twitter feed inactive since 2017 has survived the purge.

One might think this is a great incentive for business to treat Trump supporters properly but I suspect in a day of nearly full employment it’s more of an incentive for some stupid minimum wage clerk upset at his bosses to become a “resistance” hero to their liberal friends. After all what’s your incentive to do otherwise if you have no life and want to feel special?

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