The Five Posts You Were Least Interested in for 2018

There are a lot of top ten / top five lists that come out at the end of the year but one of the things I tend to do every year is to put up the five post at the site that you liked the least. I do this for two reasons, one to give those posts a 2nd chance, and second to remind myself that even if I write or do something I find interesting that doesn’t necessaraly translate to my readers feeling the same.

This years list of the bottom five is different than any other year as they have three things in common:

  • All were written by me No blame on my writers
  • All were interviews as opposed to essays.
  • All were interviews from this year’s Catholic Marketing Network event in Lancaster PA

In one respect all three make sense, I write the most posts so I should have the most lemons overall. Also some people don’t go for interviews in general and I do so many some are bound to flop. Finally if you have no interest in religion in general or the Catholic Marketing Network event in particular so have no incentive to seek these post out.

Still I think they were all worthwhile so here they are the five least popular posts at DaTechGuyblog for 2018:

#5 Voices of CMN 2018 Mary Radford of Relevant Radio

I was a little surprised that this interview drew so poorly as I figured the link to relevant radio would grab some eyes, but as Mary does her work behind the scenes unlike say an Ed Morrissey people might have had a bit less interest.

#4 Voices of CMN 2018 Catholic Blogger Kathleen Billings Contributing Author: Amazing Grace For Mothers

Of the posts and interviews on this list, this was the biggest surprise to find here as she is a popular blogger who writes in several places, but also my biggest disappointment to find it here because of her story. I purposely saved her story for the end of my posts on the subject because in an event full of inspiring stories and amazing people her’s was the most inspiring and amazing and if you clink on only one link on this page, click on this one and hear her story and if you still have a dry eye then that’s on you.

#3 Voices of CMN 2018 Barbara Kudwa Author of Finding God Anew

Finding Barbara on this list was a surprise, both because she is an author and authors generally have their own following but because her story is a story that is one that people can relate to, still for whatever reason the readers didn’t find it worth their time, but I submit and suggest that her story is one that should resonate with any Christian who found themselves in the wilderness for a while before coming back.

#2 Voices of CMN 2018: Fr Leo Pucelli of Holy Cross Family Ministries

Fr. Pucelli had several things working against him:

  • He is a priest in a year when priests aren’t popular
  • He’s not a nationally known priest so he doesn’t have a built in following
  • When you hear “Holy Cross” you associate it with the college and there are few things less catholic than a “catholic” college these days

All these things work against him yet he is doing yeoman work on behalf of the family, work that if the rest of the church today was as dedicated to the country and the church and the family would be in better shape so he is well worth your time.

#1 Voices of CMN 2018 Karnen Saum of Viva Guadalupe and CMN

Even with the extra “N” in her name that I didn’t notice or fix until writing this post this is likely the least surprising result as Karen represents the type of person that I find fascinating and interesting but is never noticed by others at an event or of interest to those interested in said event. The person who does all the work. To be sure Alan Napelton the head of the Catholic marking network does a lot of heavy lifting and has been for decades, but Karen did a lot of the day to day crisis solving which is the essence of any conference and event. She puts out all the fires before the event, during the event and when things are all finally done her reward is usually just putting up her feet or getting some sleep.

I always seek out such people at CPAC at Blogcon and elsewhere. They are among the hardest working and best folk out there and by their efforts everyone else is able to shine and even if Karen and her like don’t generate the hits I’m proud to have interviewed her and tip my fedora to each and every person like her. May they all get the appreciation they deserve.