Wouldn’t it be best if the migrants fixed their own countries rather than flee?

Why did 147 million individuals  express a desire to immigrate to the United States?  The vast majority wishes to flee to here because they are living in countries with not enough individual freedom, not enough economic opportunity, or have oppressive governments.  What is the root cause behind the recent string of migrant caravans leaving Central American nations, heading for the United States?  Because the United States has such an abundance of all that is missing in their home countries so many have braved extremely tortuous conditions to come here. Bad governments are the root cause of the world’s migration crisis.

Those who do not migrate here seldom, or ever, see an improvement in their condition. The lives of every individual living in a nation where so many wish to flee would be improved if citizens fixed the government of their home nation.  There are many reasons why this seldom happens.

To reach a point where the people begin reforming their government, a certain internal pressure is needed amongst the people.  The governments of many nations allow dissatisfied citizens to flee in order to prevent this internal pressure from reaching a critical point.  Allowing easy and unchecked illegal immigration into the United States also prevents this critical point from being reached and the extremely powerful magnet created by our overly generous welfare system also places a dampening field on the critical mass needed in other countries.

I am in no way advocating armed revolution by the people in any nation.  There is such little chance of armed revolution producing a stable nation, with a just government, that protects the rights of every individual.  Our rebellion against the British is the only revolution that succeeded in producing those results.  Most governments do not allow armed citizens so that also greatly lessons the chances for success.  Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. proved that peaceful civil disobedience can be far more effective than violent revolution.

Education is the most crucial tool when it comes to a citizen led reformation of an abusive, corrupt, or ineffective government.  Few in other nations are aware of the miracle created by the founding fathers of this nation.  Thanks to the overwhelming progressive bias that exists in the educational system of this nation, few millennials here are aware of this miracle.  An online system where those in other nations can learn the truth about how our Constitution, individual rights, and free market economy created the freest and most prosperous nation ever would be most helpful to those in other nations.

Uncensored and anonymous communication is also essential for a citizen led reformation of a government.  Social media could be the perfect medium for this, unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter regularly censor the exact type of liberty oriented message that would most beneficial.  They have also shown an interest in partnering with abusive governments.

More than two decades of being the primary destination of those seeking to flee abusive governments, coupled with open borders, and our overly generous welfare system, has had negative impacts on this nation.  That will be the topic of a future article.   Citizens reforming their own flawed governments, or flawed governments reforming themselves, will prevent these negative impacts from affecting our country while, improving the lives of everyone living in other countries.