Why Big GOP Hates Donald Trump

by baldilocks People love to be lied to and smooth-talked. Conversely, they hate frank speakers who tell them the truth. This is part of the reason that there is still love and nostalgia for Former President Obama and a widespread visceral hatred of President Trump. I’m not immune, but I have recovered. Admittedly, having a … Continue reading Why Big GOP Hates Donald Trump

Guns for Teachers

After last year’s mass murder at a high school in Parkland, Florida, the media traced every micro-move of a small group of students who advocated gun control. What you haven’t heard much about is the recent recommendation that schools should have more people with guns to prevent such terrible events. The commission investigating the massacre … Continue reading Guns for Teachers

Victory at Sea History before the Culture Wars

As I mentioned in an earlier post last weekend I starting watching the classic 1952 TV series Victory at Sea for the first time. That might be a bit of a surprise to some of you, both my grey beard and the fact that my father served in the Pacific in World War 2 would … Continue reading Victory at Sea History before the Culture Wars