Post Christmas Non-Tweets Under the Fedora 1-14-19 Slippery Slopes: Shutdowns, Gabbard, Korea, Elephants & Child Drag Queens

If you want to know what the slippery slope of the culture wars is simply read this.  There are quite a few of us who saw this coming and I suspect many who are appalled by it are terrified of objecting to it.

I object strenuously

This story out of Africa is about a different slippery slope, a Darwinian one. It seems if only the elephants who have big tusks are shot by poachers, then the ones with small or no tusks breed and viola, Natural selection (NOT evolution) takes over and suddenly the local elephants have tusks not worth a poachers time.

Not all slippery slopes are bad, it was thought that President Trump was going down a slippery slopes when he met with Kim of the Norks now Don Surber quotes a Korean Times piece that Kim during a recent trip to China continues to be saying the right things concerning piece. It might work out it might not but Surber notes that the MSM is not reporting on the story, after all giving Trump the credit for the peaceful development in Korea is a slippery slope they won’t risk.

Tulsi Gabbard’s statement defending the Knights of Columbus and religious freedom is being treated as opportunism by the press in light of her announcement of a Presidential run. I think it’s smart on her part as it preempts religious attacks on her (She is a Hindu like her mother her dad is Catholic) but as a Knight I never use JFK & Teddy as a defense of the Knights, particularly in the #metoo era, but the real problem for the Democrat Party is they recognize that acknowledging freedom of religion for any devout Catholic is as slippery a slope as you can get when it comes to advancing their agenda.

Finally Donald Trump’s failure to give in on the government shutdown continues to cause fits to the left and the media who seemed to forget that Obama did all he could to exacerbate the pains of said shutdowns. By Trump doing all he can to mitigate such pains he puts the people on the slippery slope of realizing how little we need big government to get on with our lives but and even more dangerous slippery slope for the Democrat/Left/Media is the idea that if Trump stands up to them and isn’t destroyed other republicans may go down that path.

That bothers Democrats much more than any amount of kids used as drag queens and sex objects.