Non-Tweets for 1-15-19 Reality: Tebow, Science,

Stacy McCain once said the best revenge is to live well. Tim Tebow as one of the best examples I know of a Christian living his faith publicly isn’t all that big on revenge but based on the hysterical reaction by some in the MSM tn his engagement to a former Miss Universe, combined with the likely hood of starting in AAA for the Mets this year on his way to the majors he seems to have it down pat.

This piece on the apparent benefits of sunlight in reducing blood pressure along with multiple types of cancer and more is a reminder of one of the most important facts when it comes to both scientific knowledge and conventional wisdom. It’s always settled right up until it isn’t.

The allies of the Pope in the Catholic hierarchy in general and Cardinal Wuerl in particular have spent a long time denying Cardinal Vigano’s statements concerning knowledge of Cardinal McCarrick’s actions. The revelation this week that Wuerl knew about this at least as far back as 2004 confirmed a reality that Christ stated centuries ago about things hidden all being revealed. You’d think a bunch of Cardinals would know this and I suspect they did, but just didn’t believe it.

Even the SPLC has now decided to run away from the Woman’s March and they’re not alone

I suspect there’s not a single organization on that list that didn’t know who and what these people and their friends were just like there wasn’t a person in Hollywood or NBC who didn’t know what Harvey Weinstein and Matt were. The reality is if the Tablet hadn’t informed the public of what these groups already knew those groups would still be standing proudly with them.

That’s why the DNC waited until now to cut and run.

Finally one of the things we’ve been hearing a lot from the anti-Trump folks during this shutdown, when they’re not going crazy fact checking if the Big Macs in the White House were actually a mile high, is questioning why Trump didn’t seek the five billion for the wall when he had a GOP majority in both houses. The irony is they know the answer is that McCain and Flake and company would have been more than happy to block those funds and make the wall along with repealing Obamacare yet another promise that the GOP didn’t keep in 2018 rather than a card to use against the Democrats in 2020.

He didn’t lower the odds of getting the funds, he increased them.