The Orville in the AFC East

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Little Big Man 1970

My youngest son has become a big fan of the Fox series the Orville. At his urging I’ve watched a few episodes. What I’ve seen so far has been pretty good and occasionally hilarious. I’ll likely watch it if my son is but I’m not dying to see it.

It seems to be doing pretty well in Sci-fi fan circles, better than I would expect but in fairness it is winning the Sci-Fi version of the NFL’s AFC East division.

At a time where Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who have decided to go full SJW the Orville has decided it’s primary purpose is not to push an agenda but to entertain their fans.

To be sure there are sjw themes present in the Orville and MacFarline is more than willing to advance them but like the early seasons of the Doctor Who revival they were advanced subtlety while the primary focus was on delving the quality sci-fi that the customers came for.

Of course it’s always possible that the folks who produce Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars might decide to concentrate on pleasing the fans vs preaching to them and the Orville writers might decide to use their platform to preach rather than please but if nothing changes the Orville has a great chance to become the New England Patriots of Sci-fi and dominate their niche for years to come.