No substitute for Altar Boys superb “No Substitute”

During the second generation of Christian rock in the early to mid ‘80s, reaching out via musical genres previously thought by even the most fervent contemporary music supporters to be at best ill-suited if not utterly inapplicable to evangelical/edifying work gained a foothold. Among the purveyors of these new musical realms were Altar Boys. Roaring … Continue reading No substitute for Altar Boys superb “No Substitute”

Common Core is Progressive Indoctrination

Those who just just examine the well publicized official guidelines are likely to miss the progressive indoctrination that is, sometimes subtly, buried in the Common Core curriculum. This Townhall article provides a perfect example. Legislators and citizens and self-professed school reformers should read a little more into the document. An inch and a half below … Continue reading Common Core is Progressive Indoctrination

While We Weren’t Looking

by baldilocks A transformation. Fundamental? When most people think of citizenship, they think of their nation’s constitution or the rights guaranteed to them in the law. They will think of their obligations to their country, like paying taxes, obeying the law and defending the nation. In the West, a citizen is pretty much as the … Continue reading While We Weren’t Looking

Freshman Dems Thanking Pelosi…

...that they can likely avoid facing the angel moms and dads or even worse the Covington kids at the SOTU and having to decide if they are going to clap and piss off the left or sit and frown and piss off the voters they need. At least for now. That's what's going on, nothing … Continue reading Freshman Dems Thanking Pelosi…