More on Nathan Phillips

by baldilocks From the blogger formerly known as Neo Neocon: The role of [Nathan] Phillips himself was (and still is) felt by the right to be the following: that he purposely stirred up the initial face-to-face confrontation, that he lied about his military service, lied when he stated the boys had said “build the wall,” … Continue reading More on Nathan Phillips

Do we owe our Bishops anything?

After Governor Cuomo celebrated expanding the ways to kill more innocent children, the head of Cuomo's diocese, Bishop Edward Scharfenberger…sent him a letter. A really, really harsh letter…well, actually just a letter. Excommunication? Well, that's too hard legally. Yeah, that's only for people who actually get abortions. Politicians that celebrate such things? Meh. It would … Continue reading Do we owe our Bishops anything?

My Thought on the “Deal”

I'm going to reserve final judgement at the moment because I suspect the real idea is to demonstrate the bad faith of the left here. The bottom line is that Trump knows he's dealing with dishonest and dishonorable people because having done practically all his business all his life in Democrat cities he recognizes these … Continue reading My Thought on the “Deal”