Do we owe our Bishops anything?

After Governor Cuomo celebrated expanding the ways to kill more innocent children, the head of Cuomo’s diocese, Bishop Edward Scharfenberger…sent him a letter. A really, really harsh letter…well, actually just a letter.

Excommunication? Well, that’s too hard legally. Yeah, that’s only for people who actually get abortions. Politicians that celebrate such things? Meh. It would be too hard for us to find a canon (like say, 1369) to actually do such a thing.

This continues the pathetic trend of Catholic Bishops being wimps. Here we have a law that specifically calls out “a fundamental right to abortion,” and in response, we get a letter. This tepid response is likely encouraging Governor Cuomo to push to add abortion to the New York Constitution. Think about it. When that happens, what will the Catholic Hospitals in New York do, where they compose up to 30% of the hospitals?

If I had to guess, they’ll roll over and cave, because our Bishops lack spinal cords.

When sexual abuse allegations started popping up, rather than investigate and punish those responsible, multiple Bishops covered up the problem. They turned a blind eye to an obvious assault on good men and women by the very people that were supposed to protect them. And instead of justice, we get told to pray while the Church finds ways to avoid scandal.

Even worse, instead of focusing on cleaning house, our Bishops find time to threaten excommunication against immigration officers attempting to enforce the law. Never mind the fact that they have some of the most difficult jobs, risking their lives to stop drugs and gangs from crossing the border. Nope, Bishop Edward Weisenburger found time in his day to issue a blanket threat to good men and women trying to perform a hard, thankless task. I guess he has different priorities that don’t include protecting the flock.

The Bishops Annual Appeal is coming up. We will soon get some pre-recorded message playing in our Churches, asking for money to support their efforts at everything from diversity to climate change. I’ve never been impressed with most of our Bishops, but I’m even less so now.

So during the appeal, what do we owe our Bishops?

We owe them our own demands. We should demand that they start doing their jobs. That they stand up against the sexual predators in our Church. That they root those people out, de-frocking, excommunicating and jailing the guilty in the process.

We should demand that they grow a spinal cord and stand up for their beliefs. That they stand up to the politicians that have no problem equating the Knights of Columbus to a terrorist organization, or push to require Catholic hospitals to murder innocent children.

We should demand that they spend their money better. Planned Parenthood is rolling out a chatbot to help educate children on sexual health, but Catholic teaching materials look like they were printed in the 1800s. Instead of building slick videos for the Bishops Annual Appeal, how about building better education material for our children?

Our Bishops don’t get it. They need to descend from their ivory tower and start listening to the average Catholic. Catholics are angry at the Church that has let it’s standards slip. Our Bishops give us reason to lose faith. They make us view the Church as a joke.

So during the upcoming annual appeal, if you’re as angry as me, fill out the envelope, but instead of money, write a small note asking the Bishop to stand up and do his job. If you can’t think of great words, print this article and put it inside. Instead of giving to the Bishops, I regularly give to the local Dominicans and FSSP. I’ve seen both organizations doing great work day after day, and they give me hope for our Church’s future.

And as always, pray for our Bishops. They certainly need it.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or other federal agency, nor those of the Roman Catholic Church.

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