My Thought on the “Deal”

I’m going to reserve final judgement at the moment because I suspect the real idea is to demonstrate the bad faith of the left here.

The bottom line is that Trump knows he’s dealing with dishonest and dishonorable people because having done practically all his business all his life in Democrat cities he recognizes these folks for what they are and nothing gives him more power than to have these folks expose themselves for what they are to the entire world.

So if (more likely when) nothing is done when the three weeks is expired then it will be hard to deny Pelosi & Co are all BS. Sort of like Sharon and Gaza without all the rockets. At least that’s what my mind combined with the President’s track record logically tells me he knows what he’s doing.

As for my gut I think the real test is the SOTU.

Pelosi knows she can’t have him make the case to the American People with Democrats in the room because if he does they lose, but if she doesn’t allow the SOTU speech on time after the deal has been announced then Trump can pull out without signing it and claim, with some justification, bad faith in Democrats part.

Me I’d just ignore it all and order the wall built by the Army corps of engineers using his powers as Commander in Chief, no emergency declaration needed. Build it as a military matter and be done with it and let the Democrats stew.