Non Tweets Under the Fedora 1/27: What Kneelers? Journalists Seeking Jobs, Covington Consequences, Bishops Gambit and Omar & ISIS

At Newsbusters there was a piece about the increase in ratings by the NFL this year in general and last week in particular as the country vainly hoped that Tom Brady would fail, which of course he didn’t, but mostly about the end of the protests. This is actually not true, as a few players, not many have continued to protest them but the networks have ignored them, the press have ignored them and most of all the NFL have ignored them.

If a protest happens at a game and nobody notices did it really happen?

The whole #learntocode business with journalists being laid off is frightfully funny to me and a lot of others because they seem to not have learned something that I figured out right away. You have no divine right to be paid to write and if something decides to buy an ad on your site, or hit your tip jar or subscribe it’s because they feel what you do is worthwhile. Lucky for them they’ll be searching for jobs in the Trump economy.

People getting laid off isn’t something to laugh at. People who think that you being told how smart they are compared to you, how ignorant and awful those who disagree with them are and that you are privileged beyond believe to be granted access to their great wisdom being told to sod off, that’s hysterical.

Speaking of which while I acknowledge that I have no divine right to a penny of your dough regular subscriptions are most welcome

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Now back to the post.

The rapid amount of apologies to the Covington Boys now that it’s clear that lawsuits will be coming is a perfect demonstration that the best way to insure responsible behavior is the certainty of consequences for irresponsible behavior. Of course the willingness of celebs like Pink to double down on their hatred does ensure that when the suits are launched there will be plenty moneyed targets to make the suits pay off.

Speaking of apologies the actions of the Diocese of Covington to their High School boys is a perfect encapsulation of the cowardice that drove the Gay Pedophilia Scandals. Their initial statement (now deleted) to condemn the boys was a cowardly attempt to avoid public scandal just like the hiding of the pedophile priests actions were. Now their abject apology coming after the backlash now that the truth is out seems an even more desperate attempt to not only avoid being a target of the various suits but to make sure that the Diocese doesn’t suffer the financial backlash at the collection plate which their previous actions earned them.

There was a time when those kind of thoughts about a Diocese or a Bishop would have never occurred to me.

Finally the Ghastly Tom Hagen Math continues to move the Democrats toward their embrace of antisemitism where we actually have the spectacle of one of the highest profile freshman democrats in the house, one who has been given a quarter of a million dollar book deal revealed to have asked the sentencing judge for leniency for ISIS terrorists in writing:

A long-term prison sentence for one who chose violence to combat direct marginalization is a statement that our justice system misunderstands the guilty.

As Mike LaChance put it

It should also be noted that Omar’s desire for compassion seems to have limitations. She was part of the online mob that rushed to condemn the Covington kids.

but nothing, not shady deals concerning Somalia and her brother nor asking for mercy for aspiring terrorists who would like to kill Americans will cause Democrats to reject Ilhan Omar because the Ghastly Tom Hagen math declares that one must do nothing that might potentially offend Islam, even when they are trying to kill you because they are the future of the Democrat party and it’s not like Pelosi or Schumer will still be alive when the piper has to be paid.

It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.