$1.979 Gas Thank You Donald Trump

 Never forget that it is to Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin that you really owe these victories.

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This is the receipt from filling up my wife’s car on Monday. I usually go to a different station where they pump it for me but for under $2 a gallon it was worth driving an extra five minutes to get to this one in town, wait a few minutes for an open pump and pumping the gas myself on a cold day. There must be a lot of other people who think the same because the line at this station was very long.

The irony of course is that this is Massachusetts so I’d wager that at least two out of three people filling up today voted for Hillary in 2016 and I suspect not even one in ten would connect the election and policies of President Trump to the fact that they were happilly paying the lowest price for the gas that they have in a decade.

Given this fact and the effect it will have on my bottom line there is only one proper thing for someone who does understand what’s going on to say:

Thank you Donald Trump for enabling cheap Gas and raising my standard of living!

I wonder how many people around the nation know in their gut that Trump is responsible for the current boom they are enjoying but can’t bring themselves to admit it out of fear, embarrassment or both?

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