The Left’s Failures on Crime, Drugs, and the Environment

Here in Philadelphia, a bastion of leftist ineptitude, the city is facing mounting problems with crime, drugs, and even recycling.

The head of Philadelphia’s police union attacked District Attorney Larry Krasner, charging that Krasner had decimated the prosecutor’s office, turned it into the public defender’s office, and harbors “great disdain and dislike for law enforcement.”

Since Krasner took over last year as DA, he has fired nearly three dozen tough prosecutors and instituted new policies aimed at reducing incarceration.

Not surprising, homicides rose last year to their highest levels since 2007.

A new report on Philadelphians’ health shows how deeply the opioid crisis—the worst in any major U.S. city—is harming residents, as overdoses mean more premature deaths, and the numbers of homeless people and drug-exposed newborns continue to rise.

Life expectancy has been trending downward in Philadelphia since 2015, health officials said in Philadelphia’s latest “Health of the City” report. In 2017, overdoses outstripped all other causes of death except for heart disease and cancer—both of which generally affect a much older population than those who die of overdoses. In fact, the rate of premature death—before age 75—has been increasing since 2015 because of the opioid crisis and homicide rates among young adults, the report said.

On a less critical, but still important, issue, it appears that the city’s recycling plan is pretty close to a bust. reports that at least half of the items for recycling are being burned because the price to actually recycle is too high.

Of course, the city government blamed China, which used to take most of the waste from the United States. Now the Chinese have tightened contamination rates to less than 1 percent, while Philadelphia’s recycling hits 15 to 20 percent on the average.

I assume the next step will be a tax from City Hall on straws, plastic bags, and takeout food!

Liberal governments throughout the country can’t take care of crime, drugs, and the environment. That’s a rather dismal trifecta of liberal politics in Philadelphia. Is that what America really wants?