Non Tweets 1/30 Andrew Sullivan’s Covington Irony, SOTU, Guns #1, Guns #2 & SABLE Washington opens with a win

The irony of reading Andrew Sullivan denouncing the racism of the black Hebrews and attacks of the media on the Covington kids on the receiving end of it reminds one that the fellow who coined the phrase “Christionist” and spent years going after Sarah Palin is not lost on me. But I can’t help but suspect that if the group hitting the kids did not hate gays to the degree that they do that he wouldn’t have been so anxious to defend faithful Catholics that he had no use for in the past.

There are a lot of reports of GOP senators wavering, however those reports are premature because next week Donald Trump will be giving the SOTU speech that is not only going to call for the wall but is certain to feature a goodly amount of angel parents in the gallery to demonstrate the costs of the lack of one.

That is not only going to get the GOP in line in the senate but is going to be a disaster for Democrats in the house who won’t know how to react.

Those who think the President caved ought to have waited until after this speech before making that judgement.

The protests in France have spread beyond Paris although the MSM is trying to ignore them and as I watch this backlash against the actions of an uncaring government that things the people exist to serve them, one thought comes to mind.

If the French had a 2nd Amendment, would it have reached this point?

Kurt Schlichter’s latest is titled “What will it take to make you understand and accept that hate you? and it has one reoccurring line within it:
Think of what they would do with real power. I think there is a more relevant question that he doesn’t ask:

Think of what they would do if we weren’t armed?

Finally here are the results from Game one of the revived Sable league in which I am managing the 1924 Washington Senators:

1924 Washington 5 1967 St Louis 1

The Washington Senators started their return to SABLE baseball with a 5-3 win on opening day against a St. Louis Team with a small ball attack that started with a run in the 1st and 4 in the 3rd against a St. Louis team whose offence was confined to a 3 run 2nd. George Mogridge (1-0) lasted six innings for the win while reliever Paul Zahmiser (Sv 1)threw three scoreless innings to counter the five pitched by an excellent Cardinals bullpen to keep them in the game after loser Nelson Briles despite a key two out hit and a run scored, couldn’t stop a relentless DC attack led by Goose Goslin who after driving in the tying run in the fourth (his 2nd RBI of the game) scored the go ahead run two batters later on a Joe Judge single.

Notes: Dave Rickets came in for Tim McCarver after an injury and went 2-4. McCarver is expected to miss the rest of the series but will reportedly be ready for StL’s home opener against the 2006 Twins avoiding the DL. It will be a battle of aces tomorrow as Walter Johnson takes on Bob Gibson.

these recaps will be a semi regular feature as I enjoy them a lot. If you want to give Dynasty Baseball a shot you can get a free trial here. I highly recommend it.