5 Patriots Superbowl Worries

One of the odd things about this Superbowl is that during the entire season it seemed that everyone on the radio in New England was positive the Patriots wouldn’t get this far and I wasn’t worried one bit, now that the Superbowl is a week away I find I have a bad feeling about this game, he’re why.

#1 The sudden Brady conversion:

It seems like every single member of the media who was saying that Brady was done is now calling Tom Brady circa 2018/19 the greatest thing in the history of history. I’m a big Brady fan (not a football fan a Brady fan just like I was a Grogan fan) but the sheer degree of slobbering is getting sickening.

#2 Pats Vs Who?

Even in National coverage the only mention of the Patriots opponents seems to be in the context of the blown call vs the Saints. They are the invisible team getting no attention and thus go into the game with no pressure on them.

#3 Two good teams

Lost in all the hoopla about the Patriots in general and Brady in particular is the fact that the Rams one bad call or no, are a really good team with a fine young Quarterback, a great kicker and a knack this year for winning big games. Granted that Brady is better that Goff but the teams as a whole are well matched and it’s the nature of football that anything can happen any given Sunday.

#4 Film

This is a small detail that has gotten little play but the Patriots went into Kansas City with an advantage that they didn’t have vs the Rams. They had played them earlier this year and had both Mahomes and the Chief’s defense in person. There’s a big difference between watching film on an opponent and having players who have actually faced said opponent and seen how their player react in different situations.

#5 The betting

Early reports on the radio indicated that the bookies are having a lot of trouble getting bets on the Rams. I’m not suggesting that there is anything crooked going on but with betting now legal everywhere and tens of millions of dollars on the line I don’t like the idea that a Patriots win will cost a lot of people an awful lot of money. That’s sets up a dangerous set of incentives.

Of course balanced against this is the chip on Tom Brady’s shoulder that hasn’t been this large since deflate-gate even before Robey-Coleman opened his big mouth. That along with coaching brilliance will likely be enough, but I still have a bad feeling about this.

On the bright side, it’s not as if it’s something that actually matters…like baseball.