Non Tweets Under the Fedora Feb 1st: Ocasio-Cortez Spilling the Beans, Dave Weigel, A Million Candidates, An Out of Date Scam & Gibson Outduels Johnson

There have been a lot of comparisons between Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Donald Trump but as I read about the plans to primary Cortez from the left it seems that her real crime as far as Democrats are concerned is really meaning what she says, sort of like Trump. Don’t get me wrong the Deep State left is all for the socialism she is pushing but not at the expense of their power and she is too willing to let the rubes know she actually means it.

This is no likely going to be a popular opinion among readers but I like Dave Weigel. He’s always been friendly to me, has always had time for an interview when I’ve asked for one and unlike others in the Washington Press corps tend to actually show up to places and report. If he thinks Trump supporters are being played as rubes it doesn’t bother me and I’m certainly not going to throw him under the bus for it, maybe that comes from years of living with my conservatism on my sleeve in a deep blue state, but that’s the way it is.

Am I the only person on the right who thinks that a bigger Democrat clown car in 2020 is more likely to hurt rather than help Donald Trump? I figure the more opponents a Democrat primary winner has to overcome the more they will be prepared for attacks and the better they will be able to defend their positions when facing the Donald. Of course Trump will have the advantage of incumbency and a strong economy but anyone thinking that the left is dooming itself by a million candidates is deluding themselves.

Incidently I don’t think for one moment that the President isn’t aware of this.

I got a spam/blackmail email a few days ago from an “anonymous hacker” (believe it or not that was the actual sender line) claiming that they had used my web cam to film me watching porn and demanding I send $80 in bitcoin to an address or they’d send the video to all my contacts.

This is actually an old scam and perhaps as I hate scammers and blackmailers in a future post I’ll display the email and go over the clues which should tell any person getting it that it’s all BS but what really struck me was that with the culture so degraded, porn so mainstreamed and Judeo-Christians values under attack everywhere in the west that in 2019 the idea that viewing porn and a video thereof would be a successful motivator for a scammer to try blackmail is almost quaint. The “Hacker” is at least a generation too late as in today’s “look at me” culture a potential target might spread such a video in the hopes of it going viral and getting online fame.

1967 St, Louis 5 1924 Washington 1

Backup catcher Dave Rickets went 2-4 with a homer off Walter Johnson and Bob Gibson struck out seven as the 1967 St. Louis Cards defeated the 1924 Washington Senators 5-1 in a battle of complete games.

St. Louis Stuck first as Dave Rickets starting due to the injury to Tim McCarver doubled to open the 2nd and Mike Shannon beat out a bunt to put runners on 1-3 and Julian Javier singled and Dal Maxwell singled to drive in a pair. When Javier was thrown out trying for 3rd by Centerfielder Wid Matthews and Walter Johnson (0-1) retired the next two it looked like the bleeding was over, but after a Curt Flood single in the 3rd Roger Maris deposited a Johnson fastball into the right field stands to make it 4-0 Cards.

That would turn out to be enough as Bob Gibson (1-0) one batter later Roger Maris deposited a Walter Johnson (0-1) fastball and Bob Gibson kept Washington largely off the bases until the 7th when with one out Bluege and Johnson singled and Sam Rice walked to load the bases Bucky Harris hit a single to left but Johnson didn’t have the speed to challenge Brock leaving the bases loaded and Gibson coaxed a double play ball out of Wid Matthews. Catcher Rickets solo shot in the top of the 8th put the exclamation on the win as Gibson put out a pair of fires in the 8th and 9th to solidify the win.

Javier who drove in the 1st run is batting over .400 in the series. Dave rickets has gone 4-8 replacing McCarver thus far. It will be Zachery vs Carlton in the finale tomorrow.