Northam: Democrats will tolerate Infanticide but not the Stupidity of Youth (Update: or maybe they will!) Update Or not again

The whole Ralph Northam story perfectly illustrates what matters to Democrats.

If you as an adult physician, publicly advocate for the killing of children in the womb right up to birth and infanticide after birth, Democrats and the media will either spin the words away, pretend they never happened or play “republicans pounce”.

If however you took a really stupid racially offensive photo and put it in your yearbook at a time when you were young and incredibility stupid then you are beyond the pale, and the media (which somehow never knew about this photo before it was discovered by the big league politics site) will refuse to spin it, Democrats in Virginia and in congress who pretended never to hear of Northam’s words will quickly denounce and distance themselves from him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he resigned or at least announced he would not run for reelection after the most abject apology the world has ever seen.

Why the difference? Democrat math.

Supporting a pol who advocates killing children in the womb even up tot the day of birth or even infanticide is not likely to cost any Democrat candidate votes. In fact supporting such a candidate might even gain said candidate support among the party’s base.

Supporting a candidate who posed for a racially insensitive picture as a student three decades ago when they were young and stupid will.

It’s that simple.

Update: OK I admit I didn’t expect this

Apparently the willingness to kill kids up to and beyond birth washing away even racially insensitive sins for Democrats. Of course this is only the first reaction.

Update 2: This bit by Allahpundit is funny

I can imagine the headline already. “Conservatives pounce on photo of state governor in regional attire.”

but this tweet is funnier

But based on the universal defense of Northam so far by Dems (check out the comments section of this Washington Post story to see what I mean) I think Allahpundit might be right when he says:

My instinct is that Northam will apologize profusely and that this’ll blow over. The media won’t demand a scalp, after all, especially with this guy the new national spokesman for infanticide. 

Frankly a profuse apology should be sufficient for this kind of stupidity in youth (although 25 should have been old enough to know better) but given how kids in MAGA hats are being treated I’m not inclined toward political mercy, particularly toward a defender of killing kids.

Update 3: Gateway pundit

It is unclear who the two men in costume are, however Eastern Virginia Medical School allowed students to personally choose photos for their yearbook page.

Democrats ALWAYS defend their own no matter what.

A Ralph Northam ally, Senate Minority Leader Richard L. Saslaw (D-Fairfax) defended the governor saying we don’t need to examine something that occurred 30 years ago — unless your name is Brett Kavanaugh of course!

Update 4: You can’t beat that “kept comfortable tweet” but if it was a contest for best snark Jon Gabriel would win honorable mention:

Northam apologizes

I predict Democrats will rush to accept it and move on

Update 4This entire Northam story is a perfect example of Datechguy’s laws of media outrage. The reaction to it by the left illustrates laws 1 & 2 and the fact that this is rapidly becoming a non-story to the MSM perfectly illustrates law 3

Update 5: Now Stacy and Ace have weighed in and shortly after Twitchy and Instapundit noted Kamala Harris’ old tweets supporting Harris she became the 1st prominent democrat to call on Northam to resign and now it’s a flood and no longer a non-story/ local story. Why? Because of DaTechguy’s 2nd law off media outrage which states:

The level of acceptance of the positions and/or actions of any group or organization by the left and media is directly proportional to their current or potential value in electing liberal Democrats.

Now that Northam is a liability to electing democrats he is no longer forgivable therefore he must go at once.