Five Superbowl LIII thoughts. Brady vs Russell & Berra, Defense rules, Gostkowski comes through, Angry Liberals and Two Boston Titles this season (so far!)

It might be odd to put it this way but with his 6th title. As of today Tom Brady only needs to play in 3 more superbowls to appear in as many Championship games a Bill Russell and just five wins away from having as many rings as him, and if he makes it to those five more Superbowls then he’ll tie Yogi Berra 14 title series appeareneces.

This is not to minimize Brady who is the reason why I watch the Patriots, but I just think that Berra’s accomplishments have been forgotten and anyone who says that Jordan or James are better than Russell, lets see them win a title as a player coach at the end of their career.

Admit it if anyone told you on Saturday that the NE Patriots would be held to 13 points in Superbowl LIII you would have assumed they had lost. The Rams defense was spectacular and deserved a better result. But the Patriots defense was outstanding and while Julian Edelman is a worthy MVP I would have thought someone on the defense might have been a better choice.

Is it just me or was Stephen Gostkowski kick with 1:16 left first time he’s really made a clutch kick in the Superbowl since he got here? Patriots playoff history is more about Brady overcoming the kicks he missed. This kick was the difference between Goff having a chance to tie the game and it being practically impossible.

The Patriots winning tends to piss off most of the country, understandably so as other cities might want to win but it pisses off liberals the most because they associate Brady with Trump. The stupidest take of all of these was the clickbait article at the Daily Beast claiming that the Pats are team MAGA. In one sense they are. Like Trump they work hard, keep their promises and are all about results. That’s why the left will always hate them.

Finally Both the Patriots and the Red Sox have won titles for Boston this year. As of today the Boston Celtics are the 3rd seed in the NBA East and the Bruins are as of this moment the 1st wild card in the NHL. While I wouldn’t bet on the Bruins to take the Stanley Cup or even make the Finals the Celtics are a real threat to go to the NBA finals and have more than enough talent to win. That would be three titles for one city in one year.

Bonus, Best superbowl ad ever, period!

Absolutely perfect! UPDATE: It just hit me I wonder if they filmed a version with Brady taking off a sixth ring? Update 2:  Went to morning Mass today, my pastor watched a replay of the game and said the Brady bit had been cut in the replay, are they already inserting the 6th ring or did they plan to re-film so as not to prejudice it? Or did he just remember it wrong?

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