Non Tweets Under the Fedora 2-7-18 Email, Big League Politics as Drudge, Dem Silence, 78th Trimester abortion & the Covington Offensive

There is a particular phrase from Stacy McCain piece concerning Joe Rickets’ emails and their regular leakage that deserves a word or two.

Let us stipulate that almost anyone has stuff in their email account which, if made public , could be embarrassing

This brings up an axiom that I have been saying since the early days of email. Never commit to an email something that you would not want your worst enemy or your mother to read.  That’s a rule practically written for a Sicilian and nothing I’ve seen in the last quarter century has changed my opinion on that matter.

Speaking of important single lines in a blog post Don Surber notes this concerning the site Big League Politics:

Big League Politics now is more influential in Virginia than all its newspapers combined — because it is breaking news stories instead of spinning them.

It’s worth reminding everyone that two decades ago Newsweek had the story of the Monica Lewinski’s blue dress with President Clinton’s DNA on it, and spiked it. Matt Drudge ran with it. The Drudge Report is one of the most influence web sites in the word and Matt is rich. Meanwhile Newsweek sold for less than the price of an item on Wendy’s value menu.

The left never learns.

At the start of the Northam yearbook business it was pointed out by some folks that Lt. Gov Fairfax was just as much in the pocket of Planned Parenthood and just as supportive of the abortion till birth law, which is one of the reasons why every member of the MSM was so quick to gush over the prospect of Fairfax as governor when Northan resigned.

Apparently not a single one of them was familiar with the #Metoo stuff the Washington Post had on him meaning that the post burred it really well or that they WERE familiar with it but were quite willing to keep their mouths shut as it involved a democrat, just as they kept quiet about Weinstein, Lauer et/all as long as it benefited Hillary.

After seeing Patty Murray (D-OR) block a bill in the senate that would protect living infants after birth from being killed by Doctors and watching Democrat women at the SOTU in unison support the killing of children who can feel pain both before and after birth I’m convinced that if the KKK described lynchings as a “78th trimester abortion” Democrats would like up to protect it as a constitutional right.

Finally this post at Hogewash made me smile:

Q What do all these have in common: The Washington Post, The New York Times, Cable News Network, Inc. (CNN), The Guardian, National Public Radio, TMZ, Atlantic Media Inc.,Capitol Hill Publishing Corp., Diocese of Covington, Diocese of Lexington, Archdiocese of Louisville, Diocese of Baltimore, Ana Cabrera, Sara Sidner, Erin Burnett, S.E. Cupp, Elliot C. McLaughlin, Amanda Watts, Emanuella Grinberg, Michelle Boorstein, Cleve R. Wootson Jr., Antonio Olivo, Joe Heim, Michael E. Miller, Eli Rosenberg, Isaac Stanley-Becker, Kristine Phillips, Sarah Mervosh, Emily S. Rueb, Maggie Haberman, David Brooks, Shannon Doyne, Kurt Eichenwald, Andrea Mitchell, Savannah Guthrie, Joy Reid, Chuck Todd, Noah Berlatsky, Elisha Fieldstadt, Eun Kyung Kim, HBO, Bill Maher, Warner Media, Conde Nast, GQ,, The Hill, The Atlantic,, Ilhan Omar, Elizabeth Warren, Kathy Griffin, Alyssa Milano, and Jim Carrey?

A It is reported that one of these has been set to each of them—

Preservation Letter by on Scribd

It stuck me that if the folks that had been targeted by Team Kimberlin years ago had the same lawyers as the Covington crew we still wouldn’t be seeing Team Kimberlin posts of the day at his site.

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