Meanwhile is the “Moderate” Arab World…

If you listen to the rising stars of the Democrat party, you’ll discover that Jews in general and Israeli’s in general do all sorts of things to provoke peaceful Arabs, like visiting book fairs in Egypt :

Govrin visited the exhibition as a normal visitor, buying a ticket and waiting in line like every other visitor – and therefore no one could stop him.

The Cultural Committee of the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate condemned the “childish behavior of the ambassador and his attempt to suggest a state of cultural normalization,” which they said will not dissuade the Egyptian people from confirming their rejection of all forms of normalization with Israel.

One news site was
 very upset that the ambassador’s aide was wearing a yarmulke. He wasn’t, but apparently the lighting of this photo made it appear that he was.

You mean to say the Israeli ambassador to Egypt, a country that Israel is not at war with, dared to go to stand in line buy a ticket and attend the Cario International book fair as an ordinary citizen meaning that Egyptians might come in contact with a Jew and not just a jew but a jew from the state of Israel without being warned? Why folks going to the show might have actually ended up actually talking to a jew in person without knowing it. People were shocked SHOCKED:

Egyptians on Facebook expressed their displeasure, some saying that had they known they would have beaten them.

No word if those same Egyptians will turn down the purported Cancer cure being developed in Israel if it pans out.

Just a reminder, this is Eqypt, a relatively moderate Arab state that has diplomatic relations with Israel and co-operates on various security issues.

I think it would be really interesting to hear Reps Ocasio-Cortez , Talib and Omar on the subject or perhaps the Democrat party might release a statement on the subject. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone asked them about it?

Closing thought, can we all assume that publicly threatening to beat people at public book fairs if they are discovered to be Jews is not a violation of Facebook policy in Egypt?