Non-Tweets Under the Fedora Chick-Fil-A for Panera in Boston, Police wanted in Baltimore, Blazing Saddles at 45, Tom Brady on Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez & LA/SF Shit Rats & Typhus

Legal Insurrection tells us the last Panera “pay as you go” restaurant in Boston which was opened in the days of Mayer Menino s about to go kaput while at the same time Chick-Fil-A which he and Fedroaphobes fought against is on it’s way.

It’s a perfect example of the truth that no matter how it may seem at any given time Christianity (and good service and chicken) wins in the end.

This story is a week old but Baltimore finding it can’t fill its 500 police officer opening, jobs which come with good pay and great benefits even with the expansion of the potential pool by allowing past pot use it tellign for what it doesn’t mention. Namely the years of demonizing Police by pols who use them as punching bags when they enforce the law.

The shortage is bad but even worse is if people willing to serve and protect will not join because of what is being done, what kind of people do you think they ARE they managing to get?

You couldn’t get me to live in Baltimore if they gave me a house for free.

Blazing Saddles turns 45 this year and while I would recommend everyone watching it for the classic comedy I think if you really want to laugh arrange a screening for snowflakes at a far left college and watch their reactions to it. I’d wager it would be more funny than the movie itself, which would be pretty tough.

There have been a lot of pixels used to describe the green new deal and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez but the best way to do so is to quote Tom Brady’s answer to a question about Jared Goff in his interview with Tony Romo’s just before the superbowl when he talked about being a young quarterback “You know I’m thinking about Jared you know it’s his 3rd year in the NFL like I just remember my second year in the NFL being in this game I mean it’s just you don’t even know what you don’t know and that’s not anyone’s fault you’re just young .”

That’s why I’m a tad easier on Ocasio-Cortez than most, she’s too young to know how many things she just doesn’t know yet, however Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts who put this together with her was born in 1946 and doesn’t have any such excuse.

Typhus and Rats in LA and shit on the streets in SF.

I’m old enough to remember when the US had enough confidence to try to export it’s way of life to third world countries to help them progress. Now we’ve reached the point where we are importing the diseases and filth of 3rd world countries to our once great cities and dare not critique it, instead calling it “diversity”.

If you want to see what a post Christian post Western Civilization US is just look at SF (last GOP mayor left office 1964) and LA (Last GOP Mayor 2001 controlled by Dems for 50 out of last 58 years) and be aware this is coming to a Democrat controlled city near you sooner than you think.