A Pro-Life warrior fighting for her life

Got an email last night about a friend who as of this writing is under sedation after an operation to freeze & remove some cancerous tumors. The operation went well but she’s not come out of anesthetic breathing. They’ve got her on a machine at the moment and as of this writing it’s really touch and go in terms of if she will live or not.

I first met this lady in 2010 back in the Fitchburg Planned Parenthood fight, she had already survived one bad bout with cancer at that point and was not the strongest filly in the barn, except when it came to protecting the unborn.

When it came to fighting for the lives of children she was tireless and unrelenting. She stood up when others shied away. The charged forward, maned the booths with others did not, make the cases when others would not and still found time to take care of her father, even when her cancer returned once and then again. Even stuck in her house he never failed to push the agenda and seek people to stand up when she could not physically do it herself anymore. And she had done all of this in perhaps the least hospitable state to the cause of life in the union (although NY has likely stripped that odious title from us).

She’s been a friend to this site and to me and I’ve been lucky to know her. As of this writing she’s still alive and the latest news since I began this post is more encouraging so if she lives I’ve no doubt she will be back fighting but if things don’t turn out well while she will no doubt be asking mercy of the Lord for her failings I’ve no doubt that the Lord will reply with a smile and welcome her with the words: “Well done my good and faithful servant”