The Vengeful Tokenism Behind the Current Doctor Who Series

I was wandering though the net last week and came upon this youtube podcast concerning Doctor Who by a fellow with a rather large following who I’d never heard of.

There are a lot of good points here but there is something he said in particular that hit me because he repeated one I made a few years ago:

If you want a “woman” doctor why not give a series to Romana, or Jenny (the Doctor’s Daughter) or Susan (The Doctor’s Granddaughter)? Why not take a female Time Lord inspired by the Doctor, and have her go off to do what the Doctor Does? You could even have Catherine Tate thanks to the Meta Crisis (The Doctor Donna) do it and regenerate. Hell you could Bring back River Song, give her a new regeneration and let her do it. Want a hero for young girls, let that hero be a woman from start to finish, someone they can dream like being without an expensive operation. Let the “female” doctor be a woman right from the start and show that she can carry a series on her own and a TARDIS on her own, granted you have some of the same problems that I’ve already mentioned above, but with a different character and a different back story you have the flexibility that you don’t have with the Doctor.

Why The Doctor should not be Tilda Swinton (or any woman for that matter) 2/20/17

There could have been a Romana Series, there could have been a Jenny Series, there even could have been a Master series staring Michelle Gomez (although given the end of her last appearance that would have been tricky). All of these would have been an example of raising a female hero who could be an inspiration to young girls and achieve the “diversity” they they want.

But if they insisted they wanted that female to be the Doctor but that could have been done without changing the series. They could have played alternative universe/alternative timeline Doctor as suggested in the video above. I can’t believe didn’t even think of it myself which. The flexibility there would have been endless. You could pickup such a Doctor in the 3rd or 4th regeneration and thus have the flexibility to have a big A list actress as a previous incarnation of said Doctor. The possibilities would have been endless, with the right writers it would have been incredible (in fact with Michelle Gomez in such a role it would have been required watching) and I suspect I WOULD HAVE FOLLOWED IT religiously.

This is a point that doesn’t get made enough. The BBC, Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whitaker were not about raising up or empowering women. It wasn’t about bringing a different dimension to the character of the Doctor or inspiring young girls they were about signaling their own virtue. And Jodie Whitaker is the willing token to signal that virtue and more.

Don’t believe me? Listen to the quotes from Jodie Whitaker in that video, this was about revenge on perceived slights, it was about showing how much better the folks at the BBC were compared to their ignorant fanbase, a fanbase they despise, a fanbase each of them believe they are better than and because the BBC is a socialist, not a capitalist institution funded by mandatory taxes, they can do it with impunity.

The result? So much of that “ignorant” fanbase has walked away that there is no series in 2019. Doctor Who is broken and ironically thanks to their desire to virtue signal it will be the first female doctor that is responsible for it.

But I suspect that fact might be a feature rather than a bug to those who lothe the Western Civilization that has made them rich and comfortable. The truth is the last season of Doctor Who for all their grand pronouncements was about destroying not building. It wasn’t about inspiration, it was about vengeance!

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