by baldilocks


President Trump’s antagonists inside the Republican Party now have a fallback plan to scuttle his re-election: using the 2020 primary fight as a bludgeon to inflict irreparable political damage on him in the November general election.

The “Never Trump” movement’s preferred strategy is to recruit a formidable Republican who might block the president’s renomination, or at least mount an aggressive challenge that presses him all the way to the convention in Charlotte set for late summer next year. Efforts are underway to woo Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland and other top Republicans uneasy with Trump.

Short of that, key renegade Republicans are preparing to settle for Plan B: mortally wound him. [snip]

“For a number of people I’ve spoken to, putting a torpedo into Trump’s operation would suffice for them — if they could mortally wound him in a primary,” said a Republican insider involved in the effort.

It isn’t surprising that the Democrats are still having a fit about the Hilliry Clinton’s second losing shot at the presidency, but what is with these Never Trumpers? What is the purpose of actively scheming to so divide the GOP that the Democrat candidate for the presidency in 2020 will likely win?

I’m really beginning to hate these back-room worms. They are worse than the Organized Left. At least the latter are upfront about wanted to destroy the cohesiveness of the country.

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