Will Colleges Virtue Signal or take the Cash?

Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them, well I have others

Attributed to Groucho Marx

President Trump’s CPAC 2019 speech was very long and had many things of significance in it but the single most significant politically was the statement concerning an executive order withholding funds from colleges that don’t protect freedom of speech.

Erick Erickson objected saying:

He’s wrong on two accounts.

First of all the speech would not be forced, it would be free. It would be the “tolerance” of that speech that would be “forced” on those institutions, just as the civil rights act forced those who were intolerant of eating at the same counter as blacks, or going to the same schools or pools as black etc were “forced” to tolerance their presence.

But even this would not actually be the case and that’s my second point.

No college is compelled to take federal funds and a Berkeley or a UMass Amherst or any other institution wishes to find a way consistent with existing federal law of course, to restrict speech they dislike without interference of the Federal Government in general or the Trump administration in particular, they can always choose to decline those taxpayer funds and conduct their affairs as they see fit. In fact if these bastions actually believe they are as virtuous as their signaling to the world suggests they should be proud to do so.

Undoubtedly they will go to court and will likely find a liberal judge who will side with them to stall hoping to stall until the end of a Trump administration but they will find that while freedom of speech is a right protected in the very 1st Amendment of the US constitution the “right” of colleges to receive taxpayer funds from the federal government is not. (at least not until old yellow-stain says it is)

It will be interesting to see how many colleges, if any, choose to go the Hillsdale route in order to show their independence from Donald Trump and protect their right to keep all those indecent people at bay.

I suspect the count will be nearly one