…and did you notice The Orville’s message against collective guilt?

Yesterday I talked about how the episodes Identity parts 1 & 2 confirmed that the Orville belonged in the front row of Science Fiction by more than default, but did you notice the conservative theme in the episode that must be driving the left crazy?

The episode turned on a single idea, that collective guilt for the sins or crimes of others is wrong. For those not familiar with the series let me provide some background…


The basic plot concerns a crew member of the ship called”Isaac” (Mark Jackson) who is a member of a machine race called the Kaylons who has been with the series since episode one. His job supposedly is to study the galactic union (Their version of Star Trek’s federation) and the organic life forms (read humans) within it to determine in their machine race should join.

Over the course of a season and a half he has bonded with the crew attempting to learn human concepts like practical jokes with comic effect (season 1 ep 5 Pria)

And thanks to the events in two episodes ( Season 1’s Into the Fold & Season 2’s a Happy Refrain) he has bonded with the ships Doctor Claire Finn (Penny Johnson Jerald) and her sons Ty (Kai Wener) and Marcus ( BJ Tanner) to the point where the episode “Identity” starts with him and the Doctor telling the boys they are now in a relationship. Warning some episode spoilers follow

It’s at this point he suddenly shuts off. Nobody in the ship knows how if he they can revive him so they get permission to the Union to try to may contact with his isolated planet which has never allowed off-worlders to visit to see if he can be saved.

They are informed that Isaac had been deactivated because his mission to study organic life forms was complete but as the Captain lobbies the Kaylon to join their union and to also allow Isaac to stay with them, they accidentally discover something sinister evidence of billions of people slaughtered all over the planned.

When they confront the Kaylon about this they reveal that Issac’s mission was not studying humanoids or organic life to discover if the mechanical Kaylon should join the Union, but to discover if as the Kaylon expand to other planets organic races should allowed them to survive.

Apparently sometime after acquiring sentient status the Kaylon’s creators mistreated them horribly even to the point of slavery & torture (implanting pain creating devices) which drove them to revolution and mass genocide for the sake of their survival. They conclude from Issac’s data that this was the standard intrinsic behavior of organic life forms and their continued survival requires their complete extermination of organic life forms to make sure it doesn’t happen again. The protests of both the Captain (Seth MacFarlane) falls on deaf ears the ship is taken the surviving crew made prisoners and an invasion fleet heads to earth under the guise of joining the Union.

I won’t go into more detail as I don’t want to provide more spoilers, but what struck me is the irony that this is exactly what we’re seeing from the left and have for a while, because people 500, or 200, or 100 or 50 may have behaved badly to others. People who had nothing to do with it must be tarred with these acts and must pay. In other words collective guilt of Western Civilization in general and Trump Supporters in particular.

Isn’t this exactly what we’re seeing with Hillary declaring Trump votes “deplorables”. Isn’t it where we are when Joe Biden suddenly decides that Mike Pence can’t be a decent guy? Isn’t it where we are when Elizabeth Warren declares that nobody in the Trump administration is decent. Isn’t it where we are when even voting once with the GOP in the house puts you on the revenge list?

That last point ironically is illustrated in the show when, as the genocide fleet travels toward Earth Isaac makes the case to the Kaylon Prime that his direct observations of the crew of the Orville are not consistent with the proposition that organics in general and humans in particular are a danger. believe it or not he is actually handed an electric copy of “Roots” and when after reading it he still thinks that the current state of humanity suggests they have moved beyond this is told bluntly that he’ll be reprogrammed if he doesn’t get with the program.

Rod Dresher nods

Remind me again why Christians vote for Trump, despite his personal corruption? You think it might have something to do with the fact that we know what the Democrats have planned for us?

There is incidentally another ironic conservative twist in the show that I won’t reveal as it would spoil the ending but if you’ve watched any past episode involving the Krill you’ll know what I’m talking about (and if you haven’t watch the episode “Krill” from season one and ” Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes from season 2).

What’s really shatters the irony meter here is that not only was the episode filmed long before Biden, Warren or Ocasio-Cortez opened their mouths and yet happened to be on at just the right time to make the point against them but certainly nobody could accuse The Orville production of being a nest of closet conservatism. Creator Seth MacFarline is a well known liberal and even Clinton confidant Jon Favreau has at least one producing credit for the series. The only known conservative involved is Norm MacDonald in the reoccurring role of Yaphit the slime creature in engineering. I’m sure when they filmed this episode they had no idea what the timing would have meant or even the significance of the lesson being given here. They were just trying to make an entertaining show and based on the rotten tomatoes scores, particularly from the audience, they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.