Non Tweets Under the Fedora Muslim Coming Attractions in the UK & US, True Analysis, Stacy Does CPAC and Hillary Says No

In England’s Schools the battle between Homosexuality and Islam has been fought and the winner should be no surprise to anyone who knows anything about math and Demographics:

Parkfield Community School in Birmingham, England had classes in which a program titled “No Outsiders” taught that “families look different,” in an effort to teach schoolchildren about homosexuality. The Guardian reports that the program was created by assistant headteacher Andrew Moffat, “who was awarded an MBE for his work in equality education and is also in the running for a major international teaching award.” In the program, the students read books with titles such as “Mommy, Mama and Me” and “King & King.”

The Guardian adds that Moffat has been receiving threats through a leaflet campaign.

The community has a great number of Muslims; the program was pulled after the school received a petition last month with over 400 signatures from parents, mostly Muslim, who have withdrawn their children from the school in protest. The Guardian reported that last Friday, roughly 600 Muslim children, aged between four and 11, were withdrawn from the school for the day.

It’s amazing how much father you can get with those in charge of schools when you have a growing demographic and a reputation for slaughtering your critics then with a falling demographic and a reputation for obedience to the rule of law.

American gays should not that this is your future as Islam grows here.

Speaking of Islam in the Rolling Stone covers not withstanding apparently freshman congresswoman Ilhan Omar is so much trouble that Democrats might actually force a vote on a resolution condemning Antisemitism.

While this might make the campus left rather angry as antisemitism in the default position at many liberal colleges they should take comfort in the fact this this vote will only be for show to placate big money Jewish donors who might finally be noticing what been going on at the grass roots level for a while and whose cash still trumps the ghastly Tom Hagan math, at least for now.

Oh and there is news concerning another freshman Democrat congresswomen which I shall impart to you via a pair of tweets to which all I can say is analysis true:

That’s going to be a fun side of the everybody running free for all for the Democrat nomination for 2020. A lot more of these type of things are going to be leaked out that are normally kept under wraps.

Due to my financial situation I was unable to attend CPAC which is just as well since I’ve spent the last few days very sick so I likely would have either caught something worse of given it to everyone else but Stacy McCain was there so if you missed anything here are the links you need:

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And of course his final piece titled: CPAC: The Final Wisdom.Read them all.

Finally Hillary Clinton has announced that she won’t be trying to win in the crowded field that is the Democrat party primary this time around. This is actually a smart move mimicking Sarah Palin who didn’t enter the crowded GOP primary. Instead of now being a target of blame for every single candidate in the race she now puts them in a position where they have to kiss her ring for an endorsement.

The difference of course is that Palin was looking for someone who would advance her policies, Hillary will be looking to see who kicks into her foundation. I expect the next 12 months to be the best financially for said foundation since the day she lost.

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