The College Scandal Shows Why the Left is so upset by #LearntoCode

The breaking news about the lifestyles of the rich and brainless buying their way into colleges really explains why the hashtag #learntocode triggers so many people.

“Learn to code” implies the ability to learn how to do something currently outside of one’s current knowledge base, which is what the whole idea of a college education originally was. The academic pursuit of knowledge to allow one to advance beyond their limits, either intellectually or financially.

But once college becomes an extended party and one takes a profession that in reality doesn’t require expert training (like journalism) the concept of actually having to learn something to earn your daily bread is a painful and provocative thought.

In fact #learntocode is just as painful and provocative to a journalist as “earn your way to college on merit and hard work” was to the children of those involved in the admission scandal. Which is why their parents were so willing to bribe their way in to give them the shot their their wits and work ethic or lack thereof could not muster.