Lenten Reflections 2nd Monday of Lent Eye Witness News

I’ve argued for a lot of years that the only reason to be a Christian in general and a Catholic in particular is because it is true, yesterday’s readings talk about the evidence of same.

One of the best logical arguments of the truth of the Gospel is the fact that a few weeks after Christ’s death history records that his disciples went from hiding from the authorities to boldly proclaiming Christ as the son of God even to the point of martyrdom. In other words something happened between the death of Christ and the day of Pentacost that transformed a bunch of frightened leadership men into men so brave that they were willing to stand up not only to the power of Rome, but the power of the doctrine of the Temple that they had been raised with.

This is particularly significant when you consider that at the Transfiguration of the Lord the Apostle James, brother of John was there. James was the 1st of the twelve Apostles to be executed for his faith and in the face of that execution didn’t recant. Why?

The logical reason is that he saw the risen Lord but more than that he along with Peter and his brother John were present at the Transfiguration seeing Moses and Elijah and hearing the voice of God directly. He didn’t just believe he KNEW and because of that set the example that Christians across the centuries who didn’t see what he did would follow. (and for those who might say “How do you know he didn’t”? the answer is simple, both the Roman and Jewish authorities would have used such a statement in their attempts to suppress the faith, but did not).

There are many logical reasons to believe in Christianity but for my money the best is James accepting death rather than recanting.