Lenten Reflections 2nd Tuesday of Lent: Why Obey?

This is something I touched on earlier but it’s worth explaining in a little more detail.

As we’ve already talked about God is our father in fact the best father. Jesus is our brother in fact the best brother there is and Mary though not equal to God in any way shape or form, is our Mother and the best mother we’ll ever have.

God as father has given us rules, Commandments, augmented and explained by Jesus and Mary has given us the example of how to live out these rules during our lifetime and occasionally has given the human race some really important clues on the consequences if we fail.

The point of this is God’s rules are not those of a taskmaster ordering you to obey to show his superiority, said superiority is a given.

No these are the rules of a father warning us. They are not for his benefit but for ours. In fact think for a moment how many problems in the world would simply disappear if we as the human race took these rules to heart.

But because he is father and not task master he gives us the freedom to obey or not, to listen to that good advice that a father gives to a child about to do something really stupid and self destructive, and then let’s us make the choice ourselves, even if it’s the wrong one.

And like a good father even when we make the wrong choice he loves us anyways, to the point where God becomes man and pays the debt for our sins, and shares the love of his mother ready to welcome us with open arms and unconditional love.

Never forget Obedience to God isn’t for his sake, it’s for ours.